Unpacking the iGlom RDS Subscription Package

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After you receive the iGlom RDS Package you purchased and before you can access the Merchant sections of the web site, you must set the password you will use to log into the site. The RDS Management HUD (provided in the package) is used to set the password.

Rez the iGlom RDS Subscription Package then click it once ("Touch" it) to display the list of contents. Next click the "Copy to Inventory" button to create a new folder in your personal Inventory and copy the contents to the new folder. Once copied, you may delete the in-world Package, but keep the original package just in case. The new folder should contain the following items:

  •  ! READ ME - Quick Info (notecard)
  • iGlom RDS Customer Redelivery Kiosk v1.0.0 (object)
  • iGlom RDS Management HUD v1.2.0 (object)
  • iGlom RDS Redelivery Box v1.0.6 (object)
  • iGlom RDS Script Updater v1.0.6 (object)
  • Installing the iGlom Redelivery System (notecard)

Subscription Package and Contents Floater.png

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