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Installation of the iGlom Redelivery System (RDS) is a very quick process that can be completed in less than five minutes. The instructions below give you the "Treetops View" with links to more detailed instructions if you need additional help at any stage.

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Step 1 - Unpack the Subscription Package

(This step is only required if you received the RDS Subscription Package in a Box. If it arrived in your Received Items as a Folder then you can move the folder into your normal Inventory and skip to Step #2.)

Rez the Subscription Package Box and click it once to open it. Then click the Copy To Inventory button on the Contents window to create a folder and copy the contents of the Subscription Package into. The image to the right shows the Subscription Package Contents window as it should appear in your SL Viewer. Full instructions can be found on the Unpacking the iGlom RDS Subscription Package page.

Step 2 - Add the RDS Plugin Script to Your Magic Boxes

Rez the RDS Script Updater then click it once to display the Function Menu. Click the Get Script button on the menu then Accept the Plugin Script. The Plugin Script should be added to the Scripts system folder in your Inventory. We recommend you move it into the same folder that contains the RDS Subscription Package contents created in Step 1 above. Edit each of your Magic Boxes and add the RDS Plugin Script to the Contents tab of each one. Full instructions on this step can be found on the Installing the RDS Plugin Script page.

NOTE: The iGlom RDS system requires the use of the Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS. If you have the "normal" Magic Box that does not have ANS support then ANS transactions will not be sent. You can obtain the Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS from the Marketplace here:
  Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS

Step 3 - Wear the Management HUD and Set Your Web Site Password

The RDS Management HUD can be found in the folder created in Step 1. Right-click and Wear it then click the center Set Pswd button. Enter your desired password in the Text Entry window that appears then click Submit. Complete instructions on this step can be found on the Setting Your Web Site Password page.

Step 4 - Log Into the iGlom RDS Web Site

Open the iGlom RDS Home Page at then click the Merchant Login link in the upper right corner. Enter your SL Avatar Name and the password you set in Step #3. Full instructions for this step can be found on the Log Into the iGlom RDS Web Site page.

Step 5 - Edit Your Profile

You must enter your Email Address into your Owner Profile. Your email address is used only in the event we need to contact you with critical information regarding the RDS service. You can test that you have entered the correct Email Address by clicking the Test Email button to the right of the Email Address field. Your Email Address is never shown to anyone else and is not displayed on any page on the RDS web site except to you in your own Owner Profile. We do not share, sell or divulge the Email Addresses of our customers for any reason whatsoever.

If you are already using your own ANS Processor and need RDS to forward the ANS Transaction through to it then you must enter its URL into your Owner Profile as well. Full instructions on editing your Owner Profile is found on the Owner Profile section of the Configuration Functions page.

Step 6 - Configure the SL Marketplace to Send ANS Transactions to RDS

If you are only selling products from Magic Boxes then you can configure the Marketplace to send ANS Transactions using the older Magic Box format. Full instructions can be found on the Configuring ANS for Magic Box Delivery page. Note that the SL Marketplace will soon be discontinuing support for Magic Boxes and thus ANS for Magic Boxes. It is advised that you convert to Direct Delivery as soon as ANS is available for Direct Delivery.

If you are selling from a mix of Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery, or selling products delivered only by Direct Delivery then you must configure the SL Marketplace ANS with the proper URL on the iGlom RDS web site. Full instructions for this configuration are found on the Configuring ANS for the SL Marketplace page.

A full description of ANS and how it works with Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery can be found on the Direct Delivery and Automatic Notification System page.

iGlom RDS Installation is Complete!

As soon as you finish the above six steps, the installation of the iGlom RDS system is complete. It should immediately begin receiving and recording sales of your Products from the SL Marketplace. You can test its operation by purchasing one of your own products (it must be an actual purchase; the Test Delivery function available for Direct Delivery products will not create an ANS Transaction Record) then displaying the Orders Report as described on the Merchant Order Report page.

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