Privacy and Information Sharing

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Your use of the iGlom RDS requires direct entry and data capture of various "private" details about you and your sales through the SL Marketplace. This information includes such things as your Email Address, your Sales Volume and details as well as other information that you may not wish to be shared with anyone else.

Information Shared

The iGlom RDS does not and will not ever share any of your private information with any outside party for any purpose whatsoever. This limitation includes Linden Lab, Second Life and any other business entity or agency that may request such information be divulged. The iGlom RDS will only share your personal information under direction of a legal court order directing the disclosure, and if such disclosure should be required under legal directive, you will be notified of such disclosure including the reason for such disclosure.

We take the privacy of your information very seriously and thus will take all reasonable measures to ensure your private information stays private.