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The Merchant Order Report presents the sales transactions based on a Customer Order. In the SL Markteplace, every time a Customer puts an item into their Shopping Cart, they are adding that item to an Order. When they check out and pay for the items in the cart, they complete the Order. Each individual item in the Order is delivered, one item at a time, until the entire order is filled.

As with all reports in the RDS system, you can also restrict the data reported based on the Date Selector. (A full discussion of the Date Selector is on the RDS Date Selector page.)

The iGlom RDS system collects the individual items and reports those as a single Order. Each Order has only one Buyer, however an Order may have more than one Recipient (for example when a Customer sends one of the items to someone else as a gift). Each Order also contains one or more Products. Thus the Merchant Order report provides three different "Views" of each order: by Buyer, Recipient or Product.

The RDS system also allows you to display the detail for each Order and optionally hide any Orders that have a total price of L$0 (zero Linden Dollars).

The following four examples present the Orders from a custom date. A full description of the Date Selector is found on the RDS Reports Date Selector page.

Partial Name and Minimum Quantity Filters

The transaction records reported can be further filtered with two additional criteria. You may enter a Partial Name then select if the text entered should be found in the Recipient, Buyer or Product Names of the Order. You can also filter Orders that contain a minimum number of Items.

Order Detail Display

The Order Report also includes the ability to "Drill Down" into an Order and display complete information including all items purchased from you in that Order. When you hover your mouse over the Order line in the report, you will see that the Order highlights in white. When you click on the Order line, a new window opens that displays the full details of that Order:

Order Line Highlighted.png
Order Detail Window.png

Redelivering the Order or Item to the Recipient

On the Order Report to the right side of the Order Detail line is a button marked Redeliver. When you click that button the entire order is redelivered to all Recipients. Even if there are multiple items on the Order, and even if those items go to different Recipients, the entire list of Items on that Order will be sent to their original Recipients.

There is also a Redeliver button on the Order Detail window, one for each item. Clicking the Redeliver button next to an Item will redeliver that single item to its original Recipient.

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