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When you purchase the iGlom Redelivery System from the SL Marketplace, you are automatically registered as a Merchant on the RDS web site. The Merchant side of the RDS web site contains functions for managing your own personal profile, the Magic Boxes and RDS Delivery Boxes, redelivering products to customers and retrieving numerous reports that give you an in-depth view of your Marketplace sales. However before you can begin using the Merchant functions, you must unpack and install the RDS components then set up your access password to the web site itself.

Unpacking and Installing the iGlom RDS Subscription Package

Using the iGlom RDS Web Site

Once you have completed the installation and set your web site password, you can log into the iGlom RDS web site and begin using the RDS Service.

Marketplace, Direct Delivery and ANS

The SL Marketplace has recently released their new Direct Delivery system. However they have not yet enabled the ANS (Automatic Notification System) feature for products delivered via Direct Delivery. If you are using ANS now and will need to use ANS with Direct Delivery then you should prepare yourself and read up on how the ANS feature will work and what to expect in each transaction record it provides.

An advance overview document is available here:

  Direct Delivery and Automatic Notification System

(If you are having trouble reading the PDF file in your web browser, right-click the above link and save it to your local hard drive then open the local copy instead.)

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