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NOTE: If you just purchased the iGlom Redelivery System Subscription Package from the Marketplace and you are looking for installation instructions, please visit the Simple Installation of the iGlom RDS page.

iGlom Redelivery System (RDS)

The iGlom Redelivery System is specifically designed for use with the Second Life© Virtual World and its Marketplace Virtual Goods sales web site. It is designed to capture incoming ANS Transactions, store them in its local database, and then optionally forward them to another ANS Processor. From its local database, the iGlom RDS is capable of redelivering previously purchased products to the original recipient at their request as well as provide complete and in-depth sales, customer and product reports to the Merchant. In short, iGlom RDS is designed to provide all the necessary features that the SL Marketplace should provide but hasn't and most likely won't.

This Wiki is where Merchants and Customers can come to read instructions on how to use the RDS system, how to interpret results and general troubleshooting information should they encounter a problem. You can either wander your way around the Wiki or follow any of the "Wiki Help" links found on the various pages in the iGlom RDS web site.

About the iGlom Redelivery System (RDS)

If you'd like a quick overview of the features and functions of the iGlom RDS, take a look at the About the iGlom RDS page. Briefly covering the benefits of using RDS as well as describing in general terms the functions available, the About page is a good place to start if you would just like to get a quick grasp on what RDS can do and why it should become a part of your Merchant Toolbox.

The Two Faces of RDS - Customer vs. Merchant Views

Customers are those people that have purchased at least one product from the SL Marketplace web site. Using the Redelivery Request Form on the iGlom web site, a Customer may request the redelivery of a product they have previously purchased. A complete description of the information needed to complete the form can be found on the Customer Redelivery Request Form page.

Merchants are people that sell products on the SL Marketplace and have purchased a subscription to iGlom RDS. A Merchant configures their Marketplace Merchant settings to send all ANS Transactions to the iGlom RDS ANS Processor. After proper configuration, the Merchant then has access to a wealth of useful reports and functions. These include Sales, Customer, Product and Redelivery Reports, Manual Product Redelivery, Customer Management (including Abuse Reporting and Banning capability), and management of their Magic Boxes and RDS Redelivery Boxes. Complete details on the Merchant Functions and Reports available start at the Merchant Functions and Reports page.

ANS - Automatic Notification System

The iGlom Redelivery System uses a standard feature of the Second Life Marketplace called Automatic Notification System, also known as ANS. When a Customer makes a purchase from the SL Marketplace and the product is delivered, a record of the transaction containing the full details of the purchase is sent to a remote web site. The iGlom RDS system receives those transactions for further processing.

ANS is very important for many people, most often those that have advanced uses of the data such as Warranty Registration, Account Setup and similar operations that must be executed for every purchase. Often their ANS Processor also performs specific actions for specific products as well. The iGlom Redelivery System is just such a system. It uses every transaction to keep records of sales then provide the sales information to the selling Merchant in various easy-to-understand reports and formats.

ANS was first provided by the XStreet SL website. When Linden Lab bought out the XStreet SL web site then closed it down to release the SL Marketplace, the ANS functionality was retained. Now that Direct Delivery has been released, the basic ANS functionality has been retained and extended slightly. A full description of the ANS format supported by the SL Marketplace can be found on the Direct Delivery and Automatic Notification System page.

Adding the iGlom RDS to your Merchant Configuration

In order for the iGlom RDS to receive the ANS Transaction records, you must make changes in the Marketplace and XStreet SL configuration. The changes are very simple and take very little time to complete, but they must be made in order for RDS to "hear" your sales transactions.

If you are only selling from Magic Boxes then you only need to change the XStreet SL configuration. However if you are selling a mix of Magic Box and Direct Delivery items then you must make changes to the Marketplace configuration instead. Note that the Marketplace ANS sends transaction records for both Magic Box and Direct Delivery items whereas ANS for XStreet SL sends transaction records only for items delivered by a Magic Box.

NOTE: The SL Marketplace will soon be disabling support for sales from Magic Boxes. If you are still selling from Magic Boxes then you should switch over to Direct Delivery as soon as possible. The SLM system for ANS is also fully functional and can be used immediately to record all sales made at the Marketplace ... even those still using Magic Boxes.

ANS Configuration for Magic Boxes Only - XStreet SL

ANS as originally provided by the XStreet SL web site is only capable of reporting sales of products that are delivered from a Magic Box. If you are presently only selling items from Magic Boxes then you can make the configuration changes to the XStreet SL web site only. However the current schedule is to discontinue support for Magic Boxes sometime around June 1st, 2012. Thus if you are only selling from Magic Boxes, when the Marketplace ends support for them, you will no longer be able to sell anything from the Marketplace. However there is also a problem with ANS for the SL Marketplace that prevents it being used with the iGlom RDS as well, so you must at least wait until the bug is fixed. (See the above note for further details on the bug and how it impacts migration from Magic Boxes to Direct Delivery.)

Until such time as you do fully migrate your products to the Direct Delivery method, you can still use the RDS system to record and redeliver your products as they are delivered from your Magic Boxes. A complete description of the configuration changes that must be made is found on the Configuring ANS for Magic Box Delivery page.

ANS Configuration for Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery - SL Marketplace

Now that ANS for the SL Marketplace is fully functional, you can migrate your products to Direct Delivery. The changes you must make are all made on the SL Marketplace web site itself and are very simple to make. A complete description of the configuration changes needed to support Direct Delivery is found on the Configuring ANS for the SL Marketplace page.

NOTE: If you were previously using ANS for Magic Box delivery (by using the ANS Configuration on the old website) then you must disable those changes and disable ANS from the XStreetSL website. ANS/SLM will report all sales from both Direct Delivery and Magic Boxes, and you may send all of those transactions to the iGlom RDS using the configuration changes described on the Configuring ANS for the SL Marketplace page.

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