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Once you have set your web site password, you may log into the iGlom RDS web site by opening the web site's home page then clicking the "Merchant Login" link in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.

Merchant Login Link.png

The Login Window will pop up and will appear similar to this:

Merchant Login Window.png

Entering Your Username

The iGlom RDS Login Window will accept your Username entry in any of the following formats:

  • If you have a legacy two-word Avatar Name, enter the name exactly as your Avatar Name appears. For example: Iamanaltof Glom
  • If you have a new style one-word Avatar Name, enter the name exactly the same, do not include "Resident".
  • You may also enter the name as a Second Life "Username"; enter all letters as lower-case and put a period ('.') between the two words if you have a Legacy two-word name.

Entering Your Password

Your web site password is case sensitive. That means you must enter it exactly as you entered it using the Management HUD. This means that "PSWD" is NOT the same as "pswd". When you have entered both the Username and Password, press the <Enter> key or click the Submit button. If you entered the information properly then you will see a second window with a single "Continue" button. (If your browser pauses to ask if you wish to save the password, it will appear in this second window.)

Merchant Login Continue.png

After Logging In

Once you have successfully logged in to the RDS web site, the link in the upper right-hand corner will display your Username and a Log Out link as shown here:

Merchant Logout Link.png

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