Installing the RDS Plugin Script

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NOTE: The iGlom RDS system requires the use of the Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS. If you have the "normal" Magic Box that does not have ANS support then ANS transactions will not be sent. You can obtain the Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS from the Marketplace here:
  Magic Box v3.0.11 with ANS

The iGlom RDS Plugin Script

The iGlom RDS system includes a Plugin Script which must be added to each of your Magic Boxes. Once added, the Plugin Script will communicate with the RDS web site, notifying it of all products delivered by that Magic Box. The Plugin Script is also responsible for sending product redeliveries to Customers when they have requested a redelivery. The Plugin Script is delivered within the RDS Script Updater included in the Subscription Package.

Rez the Script Updater then click it once ("Touch" it) to display the function menu then choose the Get Script function from the menu. The Script Updater will then give you the latest copy of the Plugin Script. We recommend that you move the Script into the RDS Subscription Package folder so that you can easily find it again when needed.

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Once you have accepted the Plugin Script from the Script Updater, you may delete the in-world copy of the Script Updater but make sure you keep the copy in your Inventory for later use.

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Adding the Plugin Script to Your Magic Boxes

Edit the Magic Box then switch to the Contents tab. Drag the Plugin Script from where you saved it in your Personal Inventory then Drop it into the Contents Tab. The Magic Box will turn a Cyan color for approximately 60 seconds then flicker Yellow and finally turn back to its normal white color. After the Magic Box returns to its normal White color, installation of the RDS Plugin Script is complete. Repeat this process of Editing then Drag and Dropping the Plugin Script into the Contents Tab of all your other Magic Boxes.

Testing the iGlom RDS Plugin Script

Once you have installed the Plugin Script in each of your Magic Boxes, you can use the List and Test Boxes function of the RDS Management HUD to display a list of all Magic Boxes registered with the RDS system. You should also receive an Instant Message from each of the Magic Boxes containing a Plugin Script. If you do not receive an IM from a Magic Box, make sure you are not in Busy mode then use the Magic Box Reset function from the Magic Box Function Menu. After the Magic Box completes its reset process, use the Management HUD's List and Test Boxes function again to recheck all Magic Boxes.

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