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NOTE: If you are looking for information on logging in to the iGlom RDS web site or instructions on installing and setting up your Merchant Subscription Package, visit the Merchant Functions and Reports page. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you may reset it using the RDS Management HUD as described on the Setting Your Web Site Password page.

We've all done it before, accidentally lost a product we purchased from the SL Marketplace. It can happen because we clicked the Discard button instead of Accept, or because we deleted the wrong things, or any of a number of reasons. But when you've lost something that you purchased from the Marketplace, you don't want a hassle, you just want another copy.

Take a breath and relax, the solution is here!

It used to be that you had to get in touch with the Merchant themselves and ask them to send you another copy. It's embarrassing and in some cases can take a long time too. But if the Merchant you purchased from is using the iGlom RDS, you don't have to bother them or even look them up ... you can do the entire redelivery yourself.

The Two Methods to Obtain a Redelivery

If you are in-world, all you need to do is locate an iGlom RDS Customer Redelivery Kiosk, touch it once to begin the process, then look up your purchase and request another copy. If you aren't in-world at the moment, you can go to the iGlom RDS web site, enter some information about your purchase (to verify that it's really you and not someone pretending to be you) and almost immediately your product will be redelivered.

NOTE: Even though you can use the web site to request a redelivery, you should be in-world to receive the redelivery or it may get lost again. So before you click Submit to schedule the redelivery, we strongly recommend you log into Second Life and get ready to receive your redelivered product.
Redelivery Kiosk.png

Using the RDS Customer Redelivery Kiosk

Any RDS Kiosk can be used to request redelivery of a product purchased from the Marketplace. If you made your purchase from a Merchant that uses the iGlom RDS system then you can use the Kiosk to request another copy. (And if you bought from a Merchant that doesn't use the iGlom RDS, you might want to suggest they sign up as soon as possible.)

Use the iGlom RDS Kiosk List] web page to find a Kiosk. The list also includes the SLurl to each Kiosk, so teleporting directly to one is very easy. Once you are at the Kiosk, touch it once to begin your session.

Kiosk In Use.png
All or Search Menu.png

Finding Your Purchase

There are two easy methods to find your purchase; you can either list All purchases you've made or you can Search for the product name. When you use the Search option, you only need to enter a portion of the product name. For example if you are looking for the "Warm fuzzy slippers with footsteps and bling" then you can enter "slippers" or "fuzzy" or "bling" or any other portion of the name. Only those purchases that contain the text you enter somewhere in the product name will be displayed. (Upper/Lower case doesn't matter either, thus "fuzzy", "Fuzzy" and "fUzZy" are all the same.)

The list of purchases you've made from the Marketplace is displayed 9 products at a time. You can use the Prev or Next buttons to step from page to page, or click the numbered button that corresponds to the desired product. The list of products on a page are displayed in the Nearby Chat window; just match up the product to its number and click that button. If you get all the way through the list and don't see your purchase listed, it's probably because the Merchant you purchased from does not use the iGlom RDS system yet. Since you'll have to contact them to obtain a new copy, you may want to mention the RDS system to them and give them the URL to our web site. (

Filling Out the Redelivery Request Form

You must complete the form by entering 3 pieces of information from the original order and by entering the 6 letters displayed in the security image. If the Merchant has enabled the IM On Delivery option then you will have received an Instant Message shortly after the product was originally delivered. The IM provides a URL to the Request Form that automatically fills out the 3 fields: Order #, Item ID# and Partial Product Name.

The Customer Request Form appears similar to the following:

Redelivery Form.png

Entering the Security Code

The Security Code is required to help prevent bots and other abusers from using the iGlom Redelivery System for a form of Griefing. The Security Image located to the left of the Security Code field contains six letters and numbers that have been warped to prevent automatic image recognition. You must enter all six characters properly as shown in the image. Note that the letter case (upper or lower) is not important when entering the Security Code. Thus the entries "dghtyu", "DGHTYU" and "DgHtYu" are all the same.

If you are unable to read the letters in the Security Image, click the Different Image link to the right of the Security Code entry field to generate and use a new image. You may click the link as often as needed to get an image that you can read easily.

Finding the Order#, Item ID# and Product Name

When you purchase an item from the SL Marketplace, a record is added to your Order History report. The order record shows the items purchased, the price paid and the Merchants selling the items. It also includes the Order# and separate Item ID#'s for each item in the Order. Here is an example Order Record showing the locations of the three values needed:


What is the Partial Product Name?

You must enter a portion of the Product Name as part of the verification process. This helps us avoid mistakes and problems in the redelivery process. You do not need to enter more than 3-6 characters. For example, if the full product name is "Fancy New Thingamajig with Sparkles and Fire", you could enter "new", "spark" or even "majig" as the Partial Product Name. Letter case (upper/lower) is not important, you can use either case in the entry. For example, "new", "NEW", and "NeW" are all the same.

Limitations and Qualifications

You may only request redelivery of a specific product once per six hours. That means that if you request redelivery then accidentally "Discard" the product when the message appears, you will have to wait at least six hours before you can request another redelivery.

You also cannot obtain redelivery of a product that is not Copyable by you. The iGlom RDS system will check the permissions of the product box prior to redelivering it.

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