Configuring ANS for the SL Marketplace

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With the release of ANS for the Marketplace (also called ANS/SLM) you can now set the iGlom Redelivery System to accept and process ANS Transactions for sales from both Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery.

Open the Automatic Notifications (ANS) Page on the SL Marketplace

Link to ANS Setup from Merchant Dashboard.png
Link to ANS Setup from dropdown Store Setup Menu.png

You can access the Automatic Notifications (ANS) page either by using the menu along the left edge of the Merchant Home (Dashboard) or by using the Store Setup dropdown menu on those pages that have a Merchant Menu along the top. The images to the right show both methods.

After the ANS page opens, you will see a page similar to the following:

Enter URL to iGlom RDS ANS Processor.png

Enter the URL for the iGlom RDS ANS Processor

Copy the following URL and paste it into the Notification URL field then click the Save button to save the value.

Copy and Save the Notification Salt Code

After the URL has been saved, the ANS page will display the URL you entered and a special Notification salt code. This code is important as it is used to verify each ANS Transaction received by the iGlom ANS Processor. Highlight the Notification salt and Copy it into the Copy/Paste buffer (usually with the Ctrl+C key).

Highlight and Copy the Salt Code.png

Paste the Salt Code into Your Profile on the iGlom RDS Web Site

Open the Owner Profile form on the iGlom RDS web site (Configuration category, Owner Profile option) then Paste the Notification Salt code into the Marketplace Private SALT Code field. The Owner Profile form and the values entered into each field are fully described on the Owner Profile section of the Configuration Functions page.

Paste Salt Code into Marketplace Private Salt Code field.png

If you want RDS to forward the ANS/SLM Transactions to your own ANS Processor, make sure you enter the URL to your Processor into the URL of Marketplace ANS Processor field. Click the Save button when you have made the changes.

Disable ANS for XStreet SL

If you are already using ANS for XStreet Magic Boxes (ANS/XSL) then you must make sure you turn it off. Open the Magic Box Status page on the old website by clicking the Magic Box status link under the Inventory Category on the Merchant Dashboard as shown in the image to the right.

Merchant Home Page Selecting Magic Box status.gif

You may see a warning about XStreetSL being closed to purchases; click the Cancel link to dismiss the warning window.

Cancel Warning for XStreet Closed.jpg

Find and click the ANS link from the menu bar near the top of the page. You will then see a page similar to the following:

Disable ANS-XSL by Unchecking Purchase using the following method.png

Uncheck the Purchase, using the following method: checkbox then click the Save Configuraton button to save the change.

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