Configuring ANS for Magic Box Delivery

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You must make a small change in the configuration of the SL Marketplace (actually the old web site in order for iGlom RDS to receive sales transaction records. This change is very simple and will only take a few moments to complete.

NOTE: After making the following changes, only the sales of products that are delivered from a Magic Box will be stored in the RDS database. Any sales delivered by Direct Delivery (not from a Magic Box) will not be recorded, thus they will not appear on the RDS reports nor can a customer request redelivery of the item. In order to record sales that are delivered from Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery, you must make the changes described on the Configuring ANS for the SL Marketplace page.
Merchant Home Page Selecting Magic Box status.gif

Step 1 - Configuring the XStreet SL Web Site

Log into the SL Marketplace and go to the Merchant Home (Dashboard). On the left side of the page, find and click the link for “Magic Box status” (as shown to the right). A new window or tab will open and display the “My Inventory” page on the older website.

NOTE: You may see an overlay warning page about XStreet being closed for purchases. Click the “Cancel” link in the bottom left corner of the warning to close the window and proceed to the XStreet site.
Cancel Warning for XStreet Closed.jpg

Near the top of the page is a menu bar. Find and click the menu bar button for “ANS”. On the ANS page, make the following selections:

  • Tick ON the checkbox labeled "Purchase, using the following method:"
  • Select the URL Radio button
  • Enter the following URL:
  • Tick ON (check) the "Allow me to Verify..." checkbox
NOTE: If you are already using ANS to a website then you must copy and save the existing URL and set it as the "Forward ANS" (explained below). The iGlom Redelivery System cannot forward to a Second Life Object!

The following is an example setup showing the proper URL to enter:

XStreet SL ANS Settings with RDS URL.png

Step 2 - Configuring RDS to Forward ANS Transactions

In the above step you may have found that the URL field already contained a value. The value is the URL of your existing ANS Processor. The iGlom RDS is capable of "forwarding" the ANS Transactions it receives to another Processor; all you have to do is tell it where to forward them to.

The URL you copied and saved in Step 1 above must be entered into the URL of XStreet ANS Processor field on your Owner Profile. (A complete description of the Owner Profile and the information it contains is on the Owner Profile section of the Configuration Functions page.)

NOTE: Before you can set the value, you must use the RDS Management HUD in-world and set the password you will use to log into the RDS web site. This process is fully explained on the Setting Your Web Site Password page.
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