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"Stop Wasting Your Time .. Get RDS Today!"
Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Merchant Reports and Customer Redelivery

The iGlom Redelivery System (RDS)

The iGlom Redelivery System simplifies a time-consuming and annoying chore that every good Merchant on the SL Marketplace must endure. If you sell Customer Copyable products, meaning products that allow your Customers to make multiple copies, no doubt you have had to redeliver a copy to someone that lost the original. Sometimes that happens because of Inventory glitches or mistakes with the mouse, but whatever the reason it's always good business practice to respond rapidly, redeliver the product promptly and keep the customer happy.

What Products Will RDS Redeliver?

The first question anyone asks is "What if the product is not copyable. Will the iGlom RDS redeliver it to a customer?" The short answer is "No." RDS checks the permissions of the product box before sending it to the Customer. If the "Next Owner" permissions do not permit copying then the iGlom RDS will not redeliver it to the Customer. This protects your products automatically without making you spend a lot of time verifying every customer request.

When you box up a product for delivery, you must also check the Permissions of the box to prevent the Customer from rezzing multiple copies. Thus non-copyable products are always delivered in boxes that are also non-copyable. When RDS checks the permissions of the delivery box, if it is not copyable by the Customer then it will never be redelivered by RDS.

Trust ... But Verify

But what if you're not sure the Customer actually purchased the product? If you're good at keeping records then you can quickly look up their name and verify their purchase. But why bother? That's just another task that you won't have to handle once you begin using the iGlom RDS. Not only does RDS automate the entire process for you, it verifies every redelivery as well.

Customer Redelivery

The iGlom RDS takes the task of redelivering products out of your hands and puts it in the hands of your Customers. No longer must they contact you, wait for you to reply and then wait more for their product. With the iGlom RDS your Customers can handle the entire process themselves any time of the day or night and without needing to contact you.

One-Click Solution

When they purchase the product and it's delivered by your Magic Box, the iGlom RDS follows up with an Instant Message (IM) giving them a single clickable URL link directly to the Customer Redelivery Request form. The form is completely filled out with all the pertinent information, all they have to do is type in the security code displayed on the page and their product will be redelivered.

If they've lost the link, they can also use their Order History (on the SL Marketplace) to look up the Order Number, Item ID Number and the product name. You can redirect them to the iGlom Redelivery Request Form to enter the information manually, or you can use the same form and enter information they've provided. If you use the form yourself, RDS will fully verify the initial purchase just as if your Customer entered the information then redeliver the product to the Customer. You can also use the various Sales, Product and Customer reports to find their purchase then use the Redeliver function from the report to send a copy to the Customer.

Security First

Before a Customer can request a redelivery, they must know three pieces of information about the product and the original purchase. These three pieces are part of the original SL Marketplace Order. Once they have that information (or if they use the clickable URL link provided at the time of initial purchase), they must also enter the CAPTCHA Security Code.

The iGlom RDS will look up their original SL Marketplace Order then verify that it was a valid purchase and that the product they are requesting is Copyable and can be redelivered. Once all the details are in order, RDS will select one of your Magic Boxes that contains the product and command a redelivery. (Note that there is a "One Product Redelivery per Six Hours" limiter; this means the Customer can only redeliver each product once every six hours.)

Simple Installation

The iGlom Redelivery System consists of two very simple parts. The first part is the iGlom RDS Plugin Script that must be placed in each of your Magic Boxes. You must also make a simple one-time change using the SL Marketplace website (fully described in the RDS Manual), and then you're done.

The second part to the iGlom RDS is the Management HUD. The HUD allows you to set the various RDS options while In-World. The options allow you to enable or disable IMs sent to you for each redelivery, IMs sent to the Customer on initial purchase, as well as list and test your Magic Boxes. (The test just verifies that the RDS Plugin Script is working properly.)

Report Date Selection

Each of the reports available to a Merchant may be limited to data within a specific date range. Using a simple but powerful date selector, the Merchant can rapidly narrow the reported dates to one of the following:

  • All Dates - All data on file from the start of record keeping through now
  • Today - Include only data recorded today
  • Past 2 Days - Include only data recorded today and all of yesterday
  • Past 7 Days - Include data recorded today and all of the previous 6 days
  • Past 30 Days - Include data recorded today and all of the previous 29 days
  • Custom - Includes data recorded from the Start date selected up through and including the End date selected

Sales Reports

Sales Reports present information on Sales using one of six different Views as follows:

  • Day - All sales for each day are accumulated and totaled
  • Week - All sales for each week are accumulated and totaled
  • Month - All sales for each month are accumulated and totaled
  • Recipient - All sales for each Recipient are accumulated and totaled
  • Buyer - All sales for each Buyer are accumulated and totaled
  • Product - All sales for each Product are accumulated and totaled

Note that the Day, Week and Month Views can include an optional Bar Graph that aids in rapidly identifying trends. The daily, weekly or monthly detail can also be suppressed, showing only the totals for the entire reporting period. The Recipient, Buyer and Product Views may be filtered by entering a portion of the Recipient's, Buyer's or Product's name. They may also be limited to only those that have 2+, 5+, 10+ or 20+ Product Sales recorded (where "+" means "or more").

Order Reports

Order Reports present information based on Orders. A single Order may contain up to 10 Products and/or up to 10 different Recipients, but may have only one Buyer. The Orders reported may be filtered by entering a portion of the Recipient's, Buyer's or Product's Name and additionally include only those Orders that have 2+, 3+ 5+ or 10+ Products. Each Order reported may optionally include Product Detail that shows the Products purchased in the Order, and Orders that have a Gross Price of L$0 (zero Linden Dollars) may optionally be suppressed.

Customer Reports

Customer Reports summarize purchases by the Recipient or Buyer. The purchases reported may be filtered by entering a portion of the Recipient's or Buyer's Name and also filtered to only those Recipients or Buyers that have purchased 2+, 3+, 5+ or 10+ Products. The Product Details may optionally be included and also filtered to suppress any Recipient or Buyer with a total purchase amount of L$0 (zero Linden Dollars).

Product Reports

Product Reports can be filtered to only include Products that contain the Partial Name entered, and also filtered to only report Products that have sold 2+, 3+, 5+ or 10+ Products during the selected reporting period.

Redelivery Reports

Redelivery Reports include all Customer requested redeliveries during the period selected. The report can be filtered to include only those Recipients with names that contain the Partial Name entered. The Redelivery Report also includes any deliveries from the iGlom RDS System to the Merchant, for example when the Merchant requests the RDS Update Box to ensure they have the latest version Plugin Script and Script Updater.

The Redelivery Report also allows the Merchant to file an Abuse Report against a specific Customer or even Ban a Customer from requesting any further redeliveries from them. Note that a Ban only includes redeliveries from the Merchant that placed the Ban, however the Site Administrators are notified of each Ban and Abuse Report and may decide to implement a site-wide ban if they feel it is warrented.

RDS Box Reports

The RDS Box Report details all Magic Boxes and RDS Delivery Boxes known to the RDS System. When a Merchant places the iGlom RDS Plugin Script in an existing Magic Box or when they rez an use an RDS Delivery Box, it registers with the system and records its version and location. The Merchant can use the "Remove" link on each Box reported to remove it from the system's database, however any Box that has been idle for two or more days is automatically removed.

Purchasing the iGlom Redelivery System

The iGlom RDS is sold on the SL Marketplace in four versions. When you purchase one of the versions, your Subscription to the iGlom RDS service is initiated or increased by the amount of the version purchased. Packages are available that provide 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. If you purchase a package before your existing subscription expires then it is extended by the amount purchased.

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